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We offer a wide variety of your Traditional Hawaiian dishes in Small, Medium, or Large pans. Contact us today to place your orders!
Traditional Hawaiian
Kalua Pig

Smoked Roasted Pork with Tea Leaf, Banana Leaf and Sea Salt

Lau Lau (Pork)

Pork and fish wrapped in tea leaf and Taro leaf. Steamed for 4 hours.

Island Favorites
Hamburger Steak

Homemade hamburger with homemade gravy.

Hawaiian BBQ Beef

Normally known as "Teri Beef". Grilled lean slices of marinated sirloin steak.

Sweet Treats
Butter Mochi

Sweet Island favorite made with coconut milk and mochiko flour.


Another island dessert staple usually found in island Luaus and Hawaiian gatherings.

White Rice
Fried Rice
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